Software quality management / quality assurance

In and around IT / software projects it requires frameworks and mechanisms that ensure the quality and customer satisfaction of customers and users. Processes and also play in Process management IT-/Software organizations and projects a decisive role.

The participants know the current approaches to solving quality problems in computer science, taking into account the international standards. Using exercises and case studies of practical material is

  • Problems and concepts
  • Foundations of Software Engineering and
  • Quality management / assurance of
    The five levels of maturity of development processes
  • Process management in organizations and projects IT-/Software
  • Quality as a management task
  • Quality Planning (Q) Plan
  • Quality and- risk management
  • design measures
  • analytical measures
  • Quality-oriented maintenance quality Systems
    SPICE/ISO15504 international standards, ISO 12207
  • Tips for implementation

Duration: 3 Days

Target Group: Manager, project managers and staff from computer science / IT, controlling, auditing, organization and quality management.

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