Requirements Specification

Various studies show clearly that are unclear, contradictory or missing objectives and requirements, the main cause of project failures or mistakes.

This seminar, a professional use of project objectives and system requirements are met. Participants will learn the importance of goal-definition and requirement. You will learn types and hierarchies of objectives & requirements and ways to know the definition. You must be applied after the seminar in a position to know the principles and techniques and procedures required to be removed & goals by order-giving requirements and ensure compliance with same. You can include changes in requirements, project-specific assess and enforce the necessary measures.

  • Introduction: problems, causes, goals
  • Basics of goal setting
  • Fundamentals of requirements definition
  • Techniques and models (for example, prototyping)
    Reference to the project approach
    quality Assurance
  • Exercises / case studies
    Types of requirements (Business Requirements, IT Requirements, Functional Requirements, Non Functional Requirements)
    Description of requirements

Duration: 3 Days Target Group: This course is aimed at computer scientists, organizers, user representatives and project managers and Key Accounts, Sales Persons, Product Manager.

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