Review/Acceptance/Escalation/Documentation Steering

The results from each project phase, respectively. From each major activity in the acceptance process must be checked. The review takes the form of reviews.
The Review is a very efficient technique for fault finding in any kind of technical documents, such as documents, drawings, program listings, etc. It allows the testing of development and maintenance of documents in the early stages and leads, when consistently applied to a substantial reduction of error costs.

To ensure that IT projects can also be controlled and managed under extraordinary circumstances, there is an escalation process, the rules on the activities and responsibilities include. The participants know the most important quality characteristics and process control documents. You will learn the various review techniques, the process of reviews, and the rules to be followed by the participants to keep. They will be conducting technical reviews in the ability to develop reports to review the required accuracy. They also know the meaning, history and results of Acceptance.
Participants will also learn even the basics of Escalation process as part of the IT process management.

  • Overview / classification in the
    IT Process Management
  • Quality features of documents
  • Documentation control process
  • Status and classification of documents
  • Basics of Acceptance, Review and Escalation
    Deepening (concerning reviews)
  • Objectives of the review, and the Acceptance of Escalation
  • Fundamentals, principles
  • Expiration of the reviews, the acceptance, the Escalation moderation
  • Protocol
    a. Report a problem
    b. Notes and Cliffs
    c. Various exercises / case studies
Duration: 1 Day

This course is aimed at computer scientists, support staff, users, and to project managers.

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