The processes

Software Development methods and Software Process Quality are the keys for managing the development of complex embedded software in different embedded devices in various industry sectors like automotive, aeronautics, SPACE and so on.

The Standards for engineering processes are:
  • Enterprise SPICE ™
  • CMMI ™
  • ISO 15504 (SPICE)
  • Automotive SPICE ™
  • S4S ( SPICE for SPACE)

While CMMI is a complete set of processes for engineering disciplines, the focus of ISO 15504 and Enterprise SPICE is on assessing processes in software engineering and management. ISO 15504 was mainly developed by European and Australian initiatives.
CMM used to be focussed on software processes but CMMI now includes engineering in general.
However, there are no ideal guidelines for implementing processes in enterprises. The theory of ideal processes cannot be implemented “as is. Processes must be fitted and adapted according to the needs of the customer and market requirements or, in context of the automotive sector, based on the relationship between supplier and OEM.
Depending on the project’s requirements, complex or less complex processes may be needed. Generally speaking, the less complex a process the better.

We help your company to implement CMMI or ISO 15504 compliance in a way that fits your own individual needs.