Industry development cycles are often very short. Generally development focus is on implementing functionality rather than on testing. Not enough focus is put on testing. Another problem is that companies often do not pay enough attention to their testing process.

What’s more, software methods and documentation is required in order to achieve reproducible results. Without documented functionality testers are unable to verify the correct functionality.

This frequently leads to unexpected and undesirable software behaviour which may be detected during Systems Testing but is often only found at the customer site or even during or after actual roll-out.
Systems Testing has become the most important testing activity of all. However System Testing is still unable to detect weaknesses in software design or flaws in interactive software components which may result in product-recall when factory roll-out is already in full swing.

Experience teaches us that errors made in the early stages of development and not subsequently detected lead to the worst and most costly scenarios for automotive suppliers and car manufacturers alike.

This means that thorough testing must come prior to delivery across all the stages of the development cycle. Omitting test activities such as module or integration testing shifts the high risk of undetected errors onto System Testing or even onto the unsuspecting customer or consumer.